2023 - present

Since September 2023 I am working as a freelance Senior Product Designer with clients such as Budge.app , Metalab, Modular and many others.

2022 - 2023

In January 2022 I accepted a new challenge with Hedgehog, trying to bring real-world asset investment to everyone. 

2020 - 2021

Gen got acquired by CSG and I became a Senior Product Designer, working on CSG Products (B2C, B2B, and many others).

In October 2020 I joined Metalab as a Product Designer, and worked with clients such as Epic Games, Patreon, TextMagic, Rain.bh and Sorare!

2015 - 2019

Having a design thinking background made it possible for me to tackle various stages and types of projects, enjoying particularly working on concept ideas, interactions, experience and visual compositions. I worked as a Digital Product Designer on Brinks Shipment app, Ganas Rewards app, Airtel.in, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Ernst & Young and many others.Since the start of 2017 I am working as a Lead Product Designer on projects that include MyAirtel app, Airtel B2B platform, Silicolife and many others. In 2018 and 2019 I've worked with Deutsche Telekom on the website solution for Europe. I've done and been involved in Checkout flows , Plans & Tariffs, Basket, Product Catalog & Detail, and many others. 


Didn't take too long as I saw myself in a plane to Dallas, Texas to work with AT&T as part of Tekzenit UX team.

2010 - 2013

I've studied Design at University of Aveiro. Right after finishing my bachelor I joined Gen as an intern.

Nuno Lezon Mendes ® 2024

Nuno Lezon Mendes ® 2024

Nuno Lezon Mendes ® 2024